Persecution and Prayer Alert - July 6, 2017

VIETNAM: Pastor Punished After Reporting Abuse

A woman in Vietnam riding in a boat
Photo: Flickr / M M (cc)

Pastor Nguyen Cong Chinh, a 45-year-old missionary pastor in Gia Lai province (of Vietnam's Central Highlands region), was arrested in April 2011 because of his Christian witness. In July 2012, he was sentenced to eleven years in prison for "undermining national unity."

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EGYPT: Mysterious Disappearance of Christian Women

Suzan from Egypt
Suzan Ashraf Rawy
Photo: Morning Star News

A young 22-year-old woman went missing last week as she walked to the church where she works in Egypt. Local Christians fear Suzan Ashraf Rawy has been kidnapped, just like the other two young women who suddenly vanished from the same Cairo suburb just days before. It has been reported that women in Al Khosous, a mainly Christian town located just outside of Cairo, are now too frightened to leave their houses. Since the most recent abduction, a women's meeting at Suzan's church was cancelled.

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COLOMBIA: Standing Firm Amid Death Threats

"Xavier" from Colombia
Photo: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

Death threats have been a typical part of ministry life for "Xavier," a partnering church planter who works in one of Colombia's most dangerous regions; a poor, rural area currently being ruled by paramilitaries. Before his involvement in ministry, Xavier had a successful career in broadcasting. Yet, in 2009, God directed him to begin a church in one of Colombia's poorest cities, a call that Xavier couldn't deny.

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