Persecution and Prayer Alert - August 17, 2017

BURMA (MYANMAR): Newly Converted Christians Attacked in Village

Sunrise in Burma -- Flickr / Staffan Scherz
Photo: Flickr/Staffan Scherz (c)

On July 6th, about 150 angry Buddhists (including some monks) attacked seven newly converted Christians in Burma (Myanmar), destroying their homes and properties, as well as causing the victims bodily harm. A couple days after two families had committed their lives to Christ, members of the mob broke into their homes in Thi Taw village of northwest Burma's Sagaing Region. Altogether four women and three men were hit with stones and sticks, suffering injuries to their heads, faces and backs. During the attack, three motorbikes were also destroyed.

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SUDAN: Government's Attempts to Eradicate Christianity

Algadisia Church -- Photo: World Watch Monitor
In May, this church in east Khartoum was demolished.
Photo: Middle East Concern

On August 2nd, the Sudanese government demolished another church in the city of Omdurman. This incident occurred the day after members of the Khartoum state parliament rejected an order by the Minister of Education, Farah Mustafa, that all Christian schools in the capital must operate on Sundays.

The Baptist Church in Omdurman, just west from the capital city of Khartoum (across the Nile River), was on the list of 27 churches designated for destruction last year by the Sudanese government. Officials claim that the churches were in violation of the designated purposes of the land on which the structures were built. Additionally, they refuse to grant permission for the building of any new churches, stating that the existing church premises are sufficient for the needs of the country's Christian minority.

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KAZAKHSTAN: Effectiveness of Letter-Writing Ministry

Yklas Kabduakasov (left) and Yuri Pak -- Photo: VOM USA
Yklas Kabduakasov (left) and Yuri Pak
Photos: VOM USA

Following his release from a Kazakh prison on June 17th, Yuri Pak's family shared how the many letters that were sent to him and fellow prisoner of faith, Yklas Kabduakasov changed the quality of their lives behind bars. VOM supporters sent 1,225 letters to Yuri, and have so far sent 2,790 letters to Yklas (who remains in prison) by accessing the ministry's Prisoner Alert website.

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