Persecution and Prayer Alert - August 24, 2017

ERITREA: Arrests Continue Despite Loss of Imprisoned Mother

Church in Asmara where Rev. Nelson Fernandez had pastored -- Photo: World Watch Monitor
In October 2005, Rev. Nelson Fernandez,
who pastored a church in Asmara
(pictured), was ordered to leave the
country for addressing the government's
ill-treatment of Christians.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

A woman by the name of Fikadu Debesay, who was arrested with her husband during raids targeting Christians, passed away recently while in incarceration. The mother of three reportedly died in Metkel Abiet, a desert camp located within the Northern Red Sea Region, and was buried on August 10th in Mendefera. While the cause of her death is still unknown, the camp where she was detained is situated in an area known for its oppressive heat and aridity.

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PAKISTAN: Illiterate Christian Boy Attacked by Mob

Lahore, Pakistan

On August 12th, an angry Pakistani mob almost killed a 16-year-old Christian boy -- who is completely illiterate and also mentally challenged -- for allegedly burning the pages of a Quran. He was apparently forced to confess to the alleged crime, and is now in custody despite inconsistencies in evidence and witness testimonies of alternative explanations.

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NIGERIA: Kidnapped Pastor Released After Captivity

Rev. Jen Tivkaa Moses -- Photo: Morningstar News
Rev. Jen Tivkaa Moses after
his release by kidnappers.
Photo: Morningstar News

Christian leaders have announced that a previously abducted pastor was freed on August 9th, five days after being kidnapped. Rev. Jen Tivkaa Moses had been seized on Friday, August 4th by young Fulani herdsmen while travelling along the highway from Jos to Abuja in Plateau state. Thankfully, he was brought safely back to Jos at about 1 o'clock in the morning the following Wednesday. While it is unclear whether a full ransom had been granted to the kidnappers, who demanded one million naira (approximately $3,400 CAD), a payment was made to secure his release.

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