Persecution and Prayer Alert - September 28, 2017

"It is possible for you to do all things through
Christ strengthening you, even to overleap the
highest walls, to break bows of steel in pieces, and
wade through the deepest fords in your way

~ Ralph Erskine

CHINA: Christian Academy Banned for Alleged ''Brainwashing''

Crescent Lake, Gansu Province, China

Government officials in China's central Henan province closed down a Christian-run institution dedicated to teaching children good morals, with allegations that its religious component was "brainwashing" the students. On September 14th, Ms. Zhu reported that national security officers had confiscated the textbooks that were being used for the home-based academy which offered theology classes for children.

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PAKISTAN: Fatal Assault in High School Classroom

Sharoon Masih, Pakistan -- Photo from Morning Star News
Photo: Morning Star News

An attack on a 17-year-old Christian boy who was killed at school in recent weeks may have been religiously motivated. The day before the assault -- which was also Sharoon Masih's first day of high school -- a teacher had hit and humiliated him in front of the class. This same teacher, Nazeer Mohal, sent Sharoon home because he had not been wearing a proper uniform, calling him a derogatory name that's used when referring to Pakistani Christians, among other curse words. Sharoon was the only Christian in the class.

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AFGHANISTAN: Kidnapped Finnish Mission Worker Freed

A city in Afghanistan

A Finnish mission aid worker who was held hostage for nearly four months was freed on September 14th. The unnamed woman had been studying the Dari language in preparation for her first assignment when she was kidnapped from an international guesthouse in Kabul. The guesthouse -- which was attacked on May 20th -- was run by her employer, Operation Mercy. During the attack, a German female colleague and an Afghan guard were killed. Thus far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, nor for holding the Finnish worker hostage. (A previous report on the attack is available here.)

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