Persecution and Prayer Alert - October 12, 2017

"It is in the deepest darkness of the starless midnight
 that men learn how to hold onto the hidden Hand most
tightly and how that Hand holds them; that He sees where
we do not, and knows the way He takes; and though the
way be to us a roundabout way, it is the right way."

~ A.T. Pierson

KENYA: Recent Attacks on Christians in Coastal Region

A tree in Kenya

On September 6th, Somali militants from Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group allied with Al-Qaeda, killed four Christians in coastal Kenya. The shaken residents of Bobo village in Lamu County left their homes and slept in the cold of the wilderness or in nearby Hindi after the Al-Shabaab terrorists, accompanied by local Kiswahili-speaking people, called three Christians out of their homes at about three a.m. and slit their throats. These vicious acts of violence took place even though a curfew had been set by the government in its efforts to prevent attacks from occurring in the counties of Lamu, Tana River and Garissa.

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SUDAN: Christian Refugee Children Denied Food in Camps

Children in Sudan
Photo: American Center for Law and Justice

Since early September, Christian children are being denied food in Sudan's refugee camps unless they recite Islamic prayers. A mission aid worker at the camp reports: "The majority (of children) are left in camps, some in a very terrible situation. They are confined in those places. Thus, they are given the choice to starve or they are conditioned to say Islamic prayers before (being) given food. This is not right. These children are Christian. They should be respected for that."

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CANADA: Dramatic Stage Play Awakens Canadian Audiences

Solitary Refinement
Photo: ARW/VOM Canada

The first few weeks of the Solitary Refinement touring stage play has already had audiences in various parts of the nation captivated. On numerous occasions, those who have been blessed to witness this life-transforming production have responded with standing ovations -- to the glory of God!

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