Persecution and Prayer Alert - November 2, 2017

"It is when we resist God that we remain
nothing. When we submit to Him, whatever
the sacrifice or hardship, we can become with
His help far more than we dare dream.

~ Eva Dykes

CHINA: Family of Three Detained by Authorities

The Great Wall in China

On September 22nd, officials in Xianning, Hubei Province, arrested a pastor, her daughter and three-year-old grandson. After the three had engaged in a house church outreach, which took place in the central part of the country, police and religious affairs officials became upset by the event, resulting in the arrest of the three family members.

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IRAN: Christian Convert Arrested in Iran

Abdol-Ali Pourmand - Photo: Mohabat News
Photo: Mohabat News

On October 19th, a member of the Payam-e Aramesh (meaning "Message of Peace") house church in Dezful was arrested and transferred to another city known as Ahwaz. Shortly before arresting Abdol-Ali Pourmand (also referred to as Elyas), security authorities raided his home while he was away working on his farm. During Abdol's absence, officials searched the house thoroughly and confiscated a few Bibles and Christian CDs.

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EGYPT: Kidnapped Coptic Girl Returns Safely Home

Marilyn with her parents
Photo: World Watch Monitor

A 16-year-old Coptic Christian girl, who had been abducted on June 28th, was released and safely returned to her family on September 30th after police located her in a city just outside of Cairo. At the time of her recovery, the police captured the kidnappers and placed them under arrest. Although Marilyn is from a village in the governorate of Minya, she was found in a city named 10th of Ramadan, which is situated several hundred kilometres away. The leader of the girl's church, Father Boutros Khalaf, announced that Marilyn had "not been treated well" by her kidnappers but she is "very happy to be back with her family."

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