September 20, 2018

KENYA: Murdered for Not Reciting Islamic Creeds

A bus in Nairobi, Kenya with people milling around - Photo: Pixabay / Jush
Lack of public safety is a concern for many Kenyan believers.

Two bus passengers were executed on September 14th when they failed to recite Muslim prayers. The men were travelling to the town of Garissa when their bus was pulled over by seven Al-Shabaab militants. The passengers were ordered to show ID and three non-locals were pulled from the bus for questioning.

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INDIA: Hundreds Charged for "Misinformation about Hinduism"

A worship service in India - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Charges have been laid against 271 Christians after a complaint was made by a Hindu activist group. According to the accusations, members of the Pentecostal church in the Jaunpur region of Uttar Pradesh state were allegedly spreading lies about Hinduism and attempting to convert people to Christianity during their services. Allegations were also made that the members were drugging people to forcefully convert them.

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BANGLADESH: Christian Convert Released from Prison

Sisir Islam - Photo: VOM US
Photo: VOM USA

A Christian convert from Islam, who had been imprisoned for more than two years, was released on bail recently. Sisir Islam became a believer in 2012 and immediately began sharing Jesus with others in his community, leading 17 friends to Christ.

On September 23rd, 2014, after returning home from a VOM-supported training centre, Sisir was charged with the murder of a local business man. He later learned that Muslim leaders in his village had accused him of the murder as retribution for his conversion to Christianity.

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