June 20, 2019

UGANDA: Evangelistic Meetings Cancelled After Threats

Ugandan Police - Photo: Pixabay / Numbercfoto

Churches in the western Ugandan town of Bwera had joined together for a series of open-air meetings that were scheduled to be run from May 20th to 26th. As a result, many community members put their faith in Christ. However, testimonies presented by former Muslims who converted to Christianity brought threats and ultimately an order for the meetings to cease.

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INDONESIA: Christian Girls Targeted

Indonesian girls - Photo: Unsplash / Cok Wisnu
Pray for the protection
of Indonesian girls.

In various areas of the world where Islam is dominant, tactics are being used by militants to stop the spread of Christianity. One way is to target young Christian girls. According to Greg Kelley of World Mission, Islamic leaders in Indonesia have been training young men to seduce and impregnate Christian girls, often forcibly. Due to cultural pressure, and the shame that is brought on the families, the victimized girls are often forced to marry into a Muslim family.

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AZERBAIJAN: Court Appeals Rejected

Pastor Hamid Shabanov - Photo: VOM USA www.persecution.com
Pastor Hamid Shabanov
Photo: VOM USA

Pastor Hamid Shabanov has known suffering for more than two decades, as he seeks to lead his church in Aliabad, Azerbaijan. He has been arrested on multiple occasions. For a 2013 report on the fines facing him, see this report. In December 2016, he was fined again for hosting religious meetings without permission. This opposition comes despite the fact that the church has been seeking legal registration since 1994.

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