March 26, 2020

BURKINA FASO: Christians Blamed for Virus

Doctor holding a medical face mask - Photo: Unsplash / Ashkan Forouzani

In mid-February, Pastor Mamadou Karambiri attended a conference in France, along with his wife. Unfortunately, a number of delegates unknowingly became infected by the COVID-19 virus while there. After testing negative in France, they were allowed to return to their home country where they developed symptoms, becoming the first confirmed cases in Burkina Faso. At last report, the couple had been placed in quarantine.

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ETHIOPIA: Church Destroyed and Believers Beaten

Believers in Ethiopia - Photo: VOMC
Ask God to give Ethiopian believers wisdom and grace as they navigate the challenges before them.

On March 13th, a church in the town of Jeru in northern Ethiopia was burned to the ground. During the attack, believers were severely beaten and expelled from their homes by fellow villagers. Those responsible were members of the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

While it may seem unusual for Christians to face opposition from others who claim to follow Christ, this is not unusual in Ethiopia. The dominant religions of the nation are Islam in the south and the traditional Orthodox church in the north. Those who are not members of either group frequently face strong opposition from neighbours and family members who consider them apostates.

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NIGERIA: Kidnapped Girl Successfully Escapes

Sadiya Amos and her mother - Photo: World Watch Monitor
Sadiya Amos Chindo (on right)
with her grateful mother.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

On the night of January 5th, Sadiya Amos had just finished a New Year's celebration when she was abducted. Two days later, her father was forced to attend a Sharia court where he was accused of preventing Sadiya from converting to Islam. A fake birth certificate was presented as evidence that she was 19 years old, rather than her true age of 17. Throughout the proceedings, the court refused to allow the teen's parents any access to her, nor let them know where she was located.

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