EGYPT: Approval of Churches Amidst Turmoil

St.Markos Church in Cairo, Egypt - Photo: Flickr / Andrew A. Shenouda
Photo: Flickr / Andrew A. Shenouda (cc)

In April, it was reported that 74 applications had been approved, legalizing unlicensed churches across Egypt (read more). After the government committee met again on May 19th, a further 70 churches have been legalized, bringing the total to 1,638 since the committee was formed in January 2017. This leaves 2,000 further applications remaining for consideration.

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INDIA: Christian Families Terrorized for Weeks

Sarna worshippers - Photo: Wikipedia
Sarna worshippers paying homage to the village deity.

Mobs armed with clubs terrorized 16 families from a church in Jharkhand state every night for almost three weeks. Going to each home in the village, the militants threatened to kill the Christian family members unless they returned to the animistic Sarna religion. The oppressors would set out at night when the other families were not available to provide help and support.

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AFGHANISTAN: God's Work in the Midst of Suffering

Sharing Christ in Afghanistan

Tremendous challenges are taking place politically in the country of Afghanistan, leading to many daily difficulties for citizens. Compounding this, evangelism is illegal and can bring about serious consequences for Christians. These followers of Christ must contend with additional struggles that are unique to them, including the freedom of being able to worship openly. Despite these difficulties, God's work is continuing throughout the country.

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