August 27, 2020

RUSSIA: Strict Opposition to Missionary Activity

Rubles, gavel

In July 2016, Russia passed religion laws restricting "illegal missionary activity" by either citizens or foreigners. This activity could involve speaking to people about religion, or the distribution of either printed, audio or video materials. Between January and June of this year, there have been 42 known prosecutions, resulting in 36 convictions. All those who were convicted received fines.

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NIGIERIA: Ongoing Atrocities in Kaduna State

Godwin Jonathan Bakoshi  - Photo: Morning Star News
Godwin Jonathan Bakoshi
Photo: Morning Star News

Christians residing in Nigeria's Kaduna State have faced a series of attacks by gunmen in recent weeks, resulting in numerous deaths, in addition to kidnappings. While the exact numbers vary, the victims include children, youth and adults.

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CHINA: Video Visit for John Cao

John Cao - Photo: Ben Cao
John Cao
Photo: Ben Cao

In March 2017, Cao San-Qiang (John Cao) was detained and accused of "organizing illegal border crossings" between Myanmar and China. Pastor Cao, who is married to an American citizen, has been a long-time resident of North Carolina. Well known for his humanitarian work among the poor in Myanmar's Wa State, he has built 16 schools that serve 2,000 impoverished children.

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