October 8, 2020

KAZAKHSTAN: Appeal Fails to Halt Seizures

New Life Curch - Photo: Ivan Kryukov
New Life Church property in Almaty
Photo: Ivan Kryukov (cc)

On September 17th, a court in the city of Almaty upheld an earlier decision to seize two buildings owned by the New Life Protestant Church. The facilities were being used for worship, as well as a means of support for those suffering from drug and alcohol dependency.

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ERITREA: Additional Prisoners Released; Five Others Arrested

Prison tower

Recently, we had reported that 31 Christian prisoners were unexpectedly freed from custody (read more). With thanksgiving, we are now pleased to announce the exciting news that more Christians have been conditionally released, bringing the total to 69! While many of these prisoners have spent years behind bars, none of them ever faced trial.

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IRAN: Updates on Christians in Exile

Ebrahim Firouzi & Mohammad Reza Omidi with his family - Photos: Article 18 & Hovsepian Ministries
Mohammad Reza Omidi & family, Ebrahim Firouzi
Photos: Article 18 (Mohammad),
Hovsepian Ministries (Ebrahim)

On October 31st of last year, Ebrahim Firouzi was gratefully released from prison. However, the court mandated that his prison term be followed by two years of internal exile, resulting in Ebrahim having to complete his sentence at a location a far distance away from his family.

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