April 8, 2021

UZBEKISTAN: Christian Fined for Distributing Magazines


This past Christmas, a neighbourhood celebration in Uzbekistan was hosted by Tatyana Akhmadiyeva, a member of a local Baptist church. At the event, she offered Christian magazines to 15 of her neighbours. Local authorities received a report about the distribution and summoned Tatyana for questioning. She was told that the publications had been imported illegally, since they had not been evaluated by the "Struggle with Extremism and Terrorism Department." As a result, the officials confiscated the magazines, which they claimed were unlawfully distributed, and fined Tatyana the equivalent of two weeks' average wages.

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ERITREA: 35 New Arrests

Video: Interview with Andrew Boyd regarding recent arrests
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In recent months, we joyfully shared the good news that dozens of Christians had been released from prisons in Eritrea (see our country report). However, any hopes that the string of releases signalled a change of heart towards Christians in the oppressive regime were dashed when 35 believers were arrested for conducting prayer meetings in late March.

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CHINA: Continued Detention of Church Elder

Elder Zhang with his family - Photo: ChinaAid
Elder Zhang (centre) with his family.
Photo: ChinaAid

When Elder Zhang Chunlei, leader of the Renai Reformed Church in Guiyang, attempted to negotiate with officers after a gathering at the church was forcibly broken up on March 16th, the authorities decided to arrest him (see this report). Police followed up the arrest by searching the church leader's home, where they confiscated a computer, cell phone and other items belonging to his wife, Yang Aiqin. That same day, the homes of other church members were also raided.

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