April 15, 2021

CHINA: Church Plundered in Raid

Yanjiao Abundance Church - Photo: ChinaAid
The Yanjiao Abundance Church,
empty after the raid.
Photo: ChinaAid

On March 27th, Pastor Yang Jiale of the Yanjiao Abundance Church in Hebei, China, received a phone call from a government official asking him to unlock the door to the church building. Pastor Yang informed the caller that no one was in the building and no events were being held. Therefore, he didn't unlock the door.

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PAKISTAN: Two Christian Nurses Accused of Blasphemy

Maryam Lal and Navish Arooj with officers - Photo: Morning Star News
Maryam Lal and Navish
Arooj with officers.
Photo: Morning Star News

On April 9th, Maryam Lal and Navish Arooj were directed by a senior nurse to clean up the walls of the Civil Hospital in Faisalabad, Pakistan, by removing any wall hangings or stickers found. When the Christians did as they were told, they were accused of desecrating wall hangings containing verses from the Quran. The two nurses have now been formally charged with blasphemy against Islam.

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SRI LANKA: Churches Face Threats and Questioning

Worship in Sri Lanka
Pray with Sri Lankan believers as they
seek to faithfully worship God.

Churches in Sri Lanka have frequently faced harassment from community members, Buddhist religious leaders and civil authorities. To read previously published reports on some of these cases, go to our country report. The following three incidents that occurred in mid-March demonstrate some of the challenges regularly experienced by Christians.

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