India: Anti-Conversion Laws and Violence Against Christians

Representatives from 21 countries are calling on India’s governing officials to improve their protection of religious freedoms for vulnerable minority groups, including Christians. Human rights advocates are condemning the increase in violence, hate speech and anti-conversion laws throughout the country.

During this episode of Closer to the Fire, host Greg Musselman is joined by Rev. Nitin Sardar, who presently serves as the Director of Dinabandhu Ministries in central India. Rev. Sardar addresses the intensifying attacks on Indian followers of Jesus and discusses recent video footage showing violence against believers in Chhattisgarh State. In the midst of these growing dangers, together with the anti-conversion laws being used to target non-Hindus across the country, Rev. Sardar explains how it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to share the Gospel and carry out humanitarian work.

Date: December 2022
Length: 42:00

Show Notes
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