Liberia: Christian Women and Girls Increasingly Vulnerable to Persecution

Some of the worst persecution experienced by Christians around the world is directed towards those who come from Muslim backgrounds. In Liberia, life after conversion to Christianity is especially difficult for women and girls who are frequently targeted – often by their own families – for their decision to follow Jesus. VOM Canada’s Greg Musselman spoke to Liberian Pastor Clinton Gbawoh and VOM Canada’s Gender and Freedom Consultant, Emma Dipper, about the rise of persecution in the west African nation, the cost for Christian women and girls who have left Islam, and what we can do to help these sisters in Christ.

Date: February 2021
Length: 16:20
From: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Country Information

4,809,768 (July 2018 est.)

Ethnicity (%)
Kpelle (20.3%, Bassa (13.4), Grebo (10), Gio (8), Mano (7.9), Kru (6), Lorma (5.1), Kissi (4.8), Gola (4.4%, other (20.1) (2008 Census)

Religions (%)
Christian (85.6), Muslim (12.2), Traditional (0.6), other (0.2), none (1.4) (2008 Census)

Government type
Presidential republic

President George Weah

Legal system
Mixed legal system of common law (based on Anglo-American law) and customary law

Source: CIA World Factbook

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