Nigeria: Amina’s Story of Forgiveness

On October 2nd, 2012, Amina’s husband Ghumdia was executed for refusing to deny his faith in Jesus. Her sons were also attacked by Boko Haram terrorists but they miraculously survived their injuries. Five years later, Amina was travelling to a funeral when Boko Haram members ambushed the bus she was riding. Amina was kidnapped along with 11 other women, one of whom died in captivity from the wounds she suffered during the attack. After eight months of trauma, fear and hunger, Amina and the other surviving women were released. In spite of all she has been through, Amina chose to forgive those who have caused her so much pain.

Date: October 2022
Length: 4:00

From: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada/100 Huntley Street

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