Nigeria: Family Reacts Violently After Girl’s Conversion – Rebecca’s Story

One night, "Rebecca" (not her real name), who was a Muslim at the time, had a dream in which she saw a shining light. Rebecca was told by her aunt to pray about it, which she did while performing her Islamic prayers. The next night, she had another dream. This time, she saw a Man in white clothes who told her He was "the Way, the Truth and the Life."When Rebecca met with a pastor, who explained that the Man in white was Jesus, she made the life-changing decision to follow the Lord. After her family found out that she had left Islam, Rebecca was violently attacked. Fortunately, the new Nigerian believer managed to escape, later finding refuge with VOM Canada’s trusted ministry partner, Christian Faith Ministries.

Date: November 2022
Length: 3:45
From: The Voice of the Martyrs Canada/100 Huntley Street

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