Christian Teen Murdered

Samaru Madkami - Photo: Persecution Relief www.persecutionrelief.org
Photo: Persecution Relief

An innocent teenaged boy was killed and then mutilated by Hindu militants in the village of Kenduguda, Odisha, on June 4th. Samaru Madkami was home from a residential school due to the pandemic lockdown. His father, Unga, served as a leader of the Bethel House Church which met in their home.

Shot for Buying a House in a Muslim Area

Nadeem Joseph in hospital - Photo: Screenshot - YouTube / Daimjee TV
Nadeem Joseph recovering in the hospital.
Photo: Screenshot - YouTube / Daimjee TV

Two members of a Christian family were shot and wounded after buying a house in a Muslim neighbourhood. Nadeem Joseph purchased a house in Peshawar's TV Colony and moved in with his family in late May. However, when a neighbour named Salman Khan found out they were Christians, he told them they must leave immediately, claiming Christians are enemies of Islam.

Church Raided Again

Xingguang Church member's property being destroyed - Photo: ChinaAid www.chinaaid.org
Officials destroying Christians' property.
Photo: ChinaAid

On May 3rd, security officers burst into a home where members of the Xingguang Church in Xiamen were meeting. Worshippers were dragged from the building (see the full report of this initial raid). In a second series of attacks, several homes where church members gathered for meetings were raided on June 11th. More than 100 officials from various governmental departments were involved in these attacks.