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Standing with persecuted Christians in adversity, helping them advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a hostile world.

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When the Taliban gained control over the governance of Afghanistan a year ago, many organizations were forced to shut down their in-country operations and thousands of believers decided to leave because of the suffering they knew would be coming as a result. Many other Christians, however, chose to remain in the country to be witnesses for Christ despite the severe danger.

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Cathedral in Central African Republic
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For many years, the people of the Central African Republic have endured civil war as rebel groups fought against the ruling government. To further complicate the situation, two major factions in the conflict are the predominantly Muslim Séléka group and a primarily Christian group known as the anti-balaka militias. Both of these rival groups are strongly influenced by animism and ongoing tribal conflicts, but the troubles include tensions between Islam and Christianity.

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Those caught evangelizing could face blasphemy charges.
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A recent report from the American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East highlights the desperate circumstances facing many Iraqi Christians – both those residing in their country as well as those living as refugees. Over the past two decades, 80 percent of the nation's Christians, which amounts to over one million people, have left the country and chosen not to return.