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Actively Remembering and Serving the Church Persecuted.


Ongoing Violence Leads to Church Closures

Pastor Amos Mohzo is smiling.
Pastor Amos Mohzo
Photo: Morning Star News

Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian. One estimate states that, on average, every two hours there is a Christian in Nigeria who dies. The ongoing brutality comes from numerous directions, and news reports only reflect a small portion of the violent incidents that take place – whether they involve fatalities, abductions or the destruction of properties. In many cases, multiple atrocities take place during a terrorist attack.


Church Threatened with Eviction

A white church with blue trim clearly displays a cross on the front.
A church in Indonesia.
Photo: VOMC 

Local authorities have threatened to evict a church in West Java because of its proximity to the Indonesian International Islamic University, despite the church having met previously in that location for nine years. The HKI Juanda Church in Depok, which consists of more than 150 members, is located on the edge of cultivated land. However, since the university was founded in September 2021, it has taken over the property of the neighbouring land.


Proposed Law Introduces New Punishments for Religious Education

A group of happy children dressed in bright clothes greet the onlooker with waves and smiles.
Children in Uzbekistan.
Photo: Flickr / eatswords (cc) 

A draft law, which is purported to "further strengthen the rights of children," recently passed its first reading in Uzbek parliament. However, the proposed legislation seeks to punish parents or guardians who allow their children to receive "illegal" religious education before reaching the age of 18.