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Pray for the safety and success of
evangelistic efforts in Afghanistan.

A member of Afghanistan's parliament has stated that, according to Sharia Law, all who have converted from Islam to Christianity should be executed in order to stop the rapid growth of Christianity among Afghans...both within the country and beyond it. The Afghani MP, Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, stated in a published report (Ava): "Numerous Afghanis have become Christians in India. This is an offence to Islamic Laws and, according to the Quran, they need to be executed."

Islamic leaders of Afghanistan consider the growth of Christianity to be a threat. Reportedly, some Afghani Islamic clerics have warned their government against the influence of Christianity in the country. The Islamic Council of Afghanistan has notified President Karzai regarding Christian aid workers and missionaries coming to Afghanistan, and the likelihood of more conversions taking place as a result. For previous reports
and eye-opening video clips, go to the Afghanistan Country Report.

Thank the Lord for the wonderful work of His Spirit in the hearts and minds of Afghani people around the world. May He continue to build His church according to Matthew 16:18 (the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it). While the building of His church is in process, ask for His divine protection to be upon all the humanitarian ministry workers throughout Afghanistan, multiplying and blessing their efforts to demonstrate His heart of compassion to the lost, broken and needy.