Did you know that you can help the Persecuted Church through collecting Air Miles?

Thousands of Canadians are enrolled in the popular Air Miles program. But many people never redeem their rewards.  Some folks rarely or never fly, or it simply isn't convenient for them to use their Air Miles points in this way.  Others feel it takes too long to accumulate the required number of Air Miles to make redeeming them worthwhile.  Many simply forget.

Now you can help us take the message of the Persecuted Church across Canada when you use an Air Miles card from The Voice of the Martyrs whenever you do your everyday shopping!  You would be surprised how fast these points add when you have dozens of people involved!

In the past several years, The Voice of the Martyrs has saved literally thousands of dollars in airfares through this program.  These savings are then able to be used to directly help our suffering brothers and sisters around the world.  Because of this program, our representatives are also able to travel to more places in Canada with the latest news of persecuted Christians.

This is a unique and wonderful way to help the work of The Voice of the Martyrs in a very practical sense.  It may not seem like much but it makes a big difference.

Join the many Canadians who are collecting Air Miles everyday for The Voice of the Martyrs.  Ask us to send you a special VOMC Air Miles card today!

To Get Your Card:

Click here for our online form or contact us through our toll free number.  You can also download a printable application form and mail it to us.

We will send you a card right away!  To use it, simply present the card whenever you make a purchase at a participating Air Miles sponsor.  It is that easy!

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