Christmas Blessing 2021

VOMC's Christmas Blessing project allows Canadian Christians to express love and encouragement to their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Every year, the ministry focusses on a specific region of the world where persecution is prevalent, working closely with credible in-country ministry partners to provide these believers packages containing greatly needed practical items. The packages include Christian resources (such as Bibles), toys for the children, clothing, food, and other household necessities....

This year, VOMC is partnering with local churches in Tunisia and Morocco to distribute gift packages to Christians who are not only in need of basic practical necessities but also spiritual encouragement. Many of the pressures they encounter stem from local societal traditions and familial relationships. In both North African countries, believers are not allowed to evangelize, build churches, give their children non-Islamic names, sell or distribute Bibles, nor declare their Christian faith personally or in any form of the local media.

As we approach the upcoming Christmas season, may the peace and joy of the Lord Jesus reign in the hearts of our persevering Christian family in Tunisia and Morocco, encouraging them to remain faithful to Him despite the challenges they encounter.

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