Christmas Blessing 2019

Serving families in Russia and Ukraine. Donate today!

The country of Russia spans over more territory than any other country in the world. Although Russians officially have freedom of religion, the recent "anti-terrorism" regulations echo the former Soviet Union's regime. The North Caucasus region, Dagestan and Chechnya, is mainly Muslim. Christians living in this region experience high levels of persecution for the practise of their faith.

Meanwhile, ongoing conflict in Ukraine, once the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, has continued for years between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists in the country's eastern regions. There, in the war-torn region of Donbas, Christians are targeted for their faith by pro-Russian militants, despite the country being one of the most religiously free nations in Eurasia.

For this year's Christmas Blessing project, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada and Mission Eurasia will distribute 3,600 gift packages to bless Christian families living in these persecuted regions of Russia and Ukraine. Each of these packages include a toy, sweets, school supplies, a children's Bible, and a clothing item --- totalling a cost of $25 per box.

These items are purchased in country and delivered by Christians who have been trained to reach out with the Gospel. The distribution of the packages will bring great joy and practical relief to the families of these areas while also encouraging them to share God's love with others --- including those who have been hostile towards them for their faith.

Please remember our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia and Ukraine, praying that these gifts will be an encouraging demonstration of God's tremendous love for them as they serve as His faithful witnesses in their hostile regions.

To donate towards this year's Christmas Blessing distribution project, click here or contact our office at 1-888-298-6423.

Children opening presents