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Photos from the Fushan Church
In the early morning hours of September 13, a mob of approximately 400 people, including Chinese officials, barged into the Good News Cloth Shoes Factory on the site of the Fushan Church building in Linfin City, Shanxi province, according to a September 15 report from ChinaAid. The officials used two construction vehicles to tear at the building's foundation and also attacked church members who were sleeping on the site, beating them with bricks and other blunt objects. They also smashed windows, doors and appliances, looted church members' money, cell phones, clothes and books and stole the factory's business license. At least ten church members were severely injured in the violence. Several were taken to the emergency room for treatment. However, the hospital was told by unidentified authorities to withhold medical treatment, including blood transfusions, from the injured church members. The factory's electricity, water supply and telephone have been terminated and guards have been placed on site to monitor the supply lines.

Pray that the Lord will strengthen members of the Fushan Church in their hearts, minds and bodies as they face opposition for their faith. Pray that they will demonstrate Christ's love and compassion to their persecutors.

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