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Fushan Church after the destruction
Photo from ChinaAid

Nine church leaders of the Fushan Church in Linfen City, China were seized by Shanxi Public Security Bureau officials on September 25, according to a September 29 report from ChinaAid. The leaders were travelling to Beijing to seek justice from the central government for the September 13 attack on their church site (click here for more information) when they were apprehended without warrant. Following the arrest, officials confiscated church-owned property such as computers and televisions, terming them "illegal materials," and placed the church's other leaders and members under house arrest and constant surveillance. The next day, state military police were stationed inside the church building to prevent believers from entering or holding services. More than 30 daughter churches nearby have also been prohibited from gathering together for worship. At last report, the whereabouts and condition of the detained Christians were unknown.

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