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Chen Le
Photo from ChinaAid
Chen Le, a second-year high school student, was officially expelled from Huashan Middle School on October 20 after he signed a document confirming his Christian faith, according to an October 25 report from ChinaAid. The official notice of expulsion stated, "[Chen Le] was found by Bazhou Public Security Agency and other related agencies to have engaged in Christian gatherings. His school was notified that it should educate the student and persuade him to mend his ways. However…this student persists in his belief that he should not renounce his Christian belief. He can't promise that he will not believe in Christianity or attend Christian activities."

Due to the expulsion, Chen Le is now barred from taking the mandatory college entrance exam, disallowing him to pursue further education. Chen Le has responded saying, "I would rather be forced out of school, than deny my faith."

Thank God for the bold faith of Chen Le. Ask God to open a door for him so he may continue in his education.

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