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Cheng Yuan - Photo: ChinaAid www.chinaaid.org
Cheng Yuan
Photo: ChinaAid

A Christian woman from Shenzhen penned a letter titled, "Horrible," to describe the abuse her family suffered at the hands of governmental authorities. Shi Minglei was leaving for work on the morning of July 22nd when she saw a group of officials hiding in the fire escape. They rushed into her home, breaking down the door, to arrest her husband, Cheng Yuan. Cheng was allowed to pack his clothes before being taken away without any information on where he was going.

Police accompanied Shi to drop off the couple's three-year-old daughter for daycare and then returned to their home where she was blindfolded and taken to a government office for interrogation. Questioning her honesty, the officer threatened to bring her young daughter in to cross-examine them together.

That evening, officials announced that Cheng was being charged with subversion of state power and Shi will be placed under residential surveillance. According to Shi, the trauma of the incident has caused them much distress and terrified their young child. Despite this, Shi can say, "I am a Christian, and God is with me, which enables me to calm down even in the midst of this horrible event."

Cheng is reported to be a member of a public-interest law NGO (non-governmental organization), known as Changsha Funeng. Two other members of the organization were also arrested the same day on similar charges. For more information on the persecution of Christians in China, to go our country report.

Pray that God's peace -- which surpasses all understanding -- will continue to rest upon Cheng, Shi and their young daughter (Philippians 4:7). May justice be served for Cheng and the two other arrested members of the NGO. Remember to prayerfully uphold the many Christians throughout China who are likewise being imprisoned for their faith. Also pray that the authorities will see the change God can make in the lives of His people, so they themselves may personally come to faith in Christ.