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Photo from Christian Solidarity Worldwide

The family of a pastor who was given a six year and seven month prison sentence in July 2009 (click here for more information) has been ordered to vacate their home in Cuba. Authorities delivered documents to Pastor Omar Gude Perez's wife, Kenia, notifying her that their home is to be confiscated and that the family will be relocated to a significantly smaller apartment in poor condition outside the city of Camaguey. Kenia has told officials that she and her children will not leave their home voluntarily. Although the official reason for the confiscation and relocation is "illicit gain," Kenia has been informed by authorities that she is being punished for informing international human rights groups and foreign governments about the human rights violations her family has suffered. (Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide)

Pray for enduring faith for Pastor Omar, Kenia and their children as they face many trials. Pray that authorities will stop harassing the Perez family. Pray that their steadfast faith will encourage many believers in Cuba to stand strong in their commitment to Christ.

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