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On the night of November 12th, a group of assailants attempted to set a church ablaze in southern Algeria. The group dispersed after police arrived, but no suspects were apprehended.

The church has faced other attacks in recent years. In 2010, assailants broke through the church's gates and entered the building in an attempt to steal the crucifix from the roof. In November of 2012, a group threatened to burn down the church and kill the pastor. "There are people who try to intimidate us...to push us out of here," the pastor explains. "I think it is the growth of our community that disturbs them."

Persecution is intensifying in the country as Islamist groups become increasingly intolerant of other expressions of faith and push for the institution of Sharia law. Less than .5 percent of the population is Christian.

Please bring this pastor and his congregation before the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to guard their hearts against fear and anxiety. Despite the opposition they are presently facing, may they continue faithfully meeting together for worship (Hebrews 10:23-25). Pray that God will also work powerfully in the lives of the assailants, drawing them into relationship with Himself and His people.

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