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Oratoire Church - Photo: Morning Star News www.morningstarnews.org
The Oratoire Church in downtown Oran, Algeria.
Photo: Morning Star News

The Governor of Oran has ordered the closure of a church that had been previously closed and then reopened. In February 2018, the Oratoire Church was closed on allegations that it did not have the appropriate permission to operate. Then on June 18th of the same year, it was reopened (read more). However, the governor issued a new order on November 10th, 2019, demanding that the church close. The most recently issued notice was not received by Pastor Seighir until January 11th of this year.

Although a bookstore also operated by the pastor was closed in 2017, a court decision in December 2018 reversed the governor's order. The court also ruled that the pastor should be reimbursed for the losses sustained during the closure. Once again, the governor has refused to comply with the court order and will not allow the store to reopen.

On a positive note, Pastor Seighir mentioned that many of the people in Algeria were not even aware that the Christian church existed until the closures came to light. "Everyone has heard of the church and is talking about it too," he states. For more details on the challenges facing believers in Algeria, go to our country report.

Pray for Pastor Seighir and the members of his church during this difficult time. Also intercede for the many other Christians throughout Algeria facing opposition and uncertainties as their church buildings are being sealed. Ask God to reveal His truth to the governmental leaders, helping them to realize the injustice of the situation, so they will cease their opposition. May the newfound awareness of Christianity be an opportunity for the Gospel message to be heard throughout the country.