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Pastor Rachid Seighir - Photo: Facebook via Morning Star News
Rev. Rachid Seighir
Photo: Facebook via Morning Star News

In addition to pastoring the Oran City Church in Algeria, Rachid Seighir owned and operated a book and stationery shop, where Nouh Hamimi worked as a salesman. On February 27th, both men were convicted of "shaking the faith" of Muslims through the literature that was sold at their bookstore. In June, the initial two-year sentences given to the accused men were reduced to one-year suspended sentences. These sentences were in addition to the separate fines imposed by the court. (See this report for more details.)

The two men appealed the verdict, convinced that they are innocent of all charges. However, on September 26th, the regional court of appeals upheld the verdict. Pastor Rachid and Nouh intend to pursue further appeals.

Please continue to prayerfully remember our Algerian brothers in Christ as they now need to prepare for yet another appeal hearing. Pray that justice will prevail for Pastor Rachid and Nouh, asking the Lord to intervene in the hearts and minds of court officials on their behalf. May these sentenced believers sense the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit with them each day, giving them renewed strength, courage and wisdom. Ask Him to meet their needs, as well as those of their families, while providing them many opportunities to share the Good News of the Gospel with others. May all who are in search of a meaningful relationship with their Creator be led to salvation through faith in His Son Jesus.