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Silhouette of a man - Photo: Unsplash / Tommy Trinh

On a recent trip to East Africa, Release International representatives met with Pastor "Jabir" (not his real name) who recounted the numerous challenges he and his family experienced due to persecution. Since Jabir's conversion to Christianity, the family has been forced to move numerous times to evade danger from militants.

When Jabir came to faith in Christ, his wife and children were taken from him and he was prohibited from seeing his older child. Although he later remarried, and now has two young children, his new family are constantly on the move. The ongoing threats of danger have taken a toll on each of them, especially his wife who wakes up at the slightest sound.

Jabir presently leads a small home church consisting of about ten people, and he also travels to various areas of East Africa to provide ministry to other Christians.

While we are thankful for Jabir's perseverance and faithfulness in ministering the Gospel amid difficulties, we ask that you please uphold him and his family in your prayers. As we reminisce on the Scripturally based Christmas story, we're reminded of the circumstances that forced the young holy family to flee to Egypt so they could escape the wrath of those wanting to kill the Promised Messiah. Even though Jabir and his family have also been forced to flee for their lives, may a sense of stability and calm reign within their hearts and minds, knowing that the Lord will always be with them wherever they go.