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Eritrean family praying - Photo: Release International www.releaseinternational.org
Photo: Release International

In the days leading up to Eritrea's Independence Day celebrations during the month of May, authorities arrested more than 140 Christians in an attempt to quell any indications of dissent in the country (see this report). Unfortunately, the renewed crackdown on Christians does not seem to have abated.

In early June, more than 30 Christians were arrested by security forces. Officers raided three private homes in the capital of Asmara where devotees of this "unrecognized religion" had gathered for prayer. According to one report, the believers were promised release only if they disavowed their faith.

In recent months, pressure has also intensified as authorities seek full control of all religious organizations -- including schools, medical clinics and orphanages.

Please remember these arrested believers and the many other prisoners who are being held for their Christian faith, often in horrific conditions. As they patiently await release from imprisonment, pray that needed spiritual and physical provisions will be made available to strengthen and sustain them, as well as for their concerned family members who are facing uncertainty. May the Lord be glorified through the testimonies of faithfulness and hope being demonstrated through His people.