(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

VOMC sources in Indonesia have reported that the Pamong Praja Police bulldozed five church buildings in an area of Tangerang county on November 30 while church members stood in front of their buildings and watched. When the churches initially heard about the proposed demolitions, they requested a delay until after Christmas. However, at 11:00 a.m., hundreds of local security officials moved in. They cleared the buildings of their contents and destroyed the buildings. The five churches were the Indonesia Protestant Christian Church, Indonesia Pentecost Church, Protestant Batak Christian Huria Church, Indonesia Haleluyah Pentecost Church, and Indonesia Bethel Church. Officials claim that the church buildings violated residential bylaws. Church leaders believe, however, that political interests motivated the destruction.

Pray that the churches in Tangerang county will continue to remain faithful to the Lord despite government opposition. Pray that they will find alternate places to worship soon. Also pray that the Lord will give them a joyous Christmas season of worshipping Christ.

For more information on the difficulties experienced by Indonesia's Christians, click here. A twenty-minute video on the persecution of Christians in Indonesia entitled "Island Jihad" is also available for viewing on the multimedia website, https://www.vomcanada.com/.