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Destruction of the Church of Saint Albert
Photo from AsiaNews
A mob of approximately 1,000 Muslims attacked a church building under construction in Bekasi Regency, near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. At midnight on December 17, the Muslims arrived at the Church of Saint Albert, some on bikes and some on foot, and stormed into the building, carrying banners and tanks of kerosene. One witness reported hearing them shout, "Destroy [the church]! Destroy it! Replace the church with mosque!" The Muslims damaged bricks, broke lights, uprooted newly planted trees and set the building on fire. No one was injured in the attack, but damage amounted to around 60 million rupees (approximately $6,700 CAD). Local Christians were planning to use the nearly completed building for a Christmas Mass service. Following the attack, a leader of the church's construction committee shared, "Even though our chapel was attacked we are not afraid. We will continue the construction of this chapel until its completion." (Sources: AsiaNews, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Pray that these believers will not be discouraged but continue to rest secure in the joy and provision of Christ. Pray for peace to reign in their hearts this Christmas. Pray that Indonesian Christians will be emboldened by the Holy Spirit to share the Truth of the Lord (Acts 1:8).

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