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Photo from AsiaNews

Christians in Bekasi, West Java have faced growing opposition in recent months from Muslims opposed to "Christianization." On July 5, a banner with the picture of a Christian man with a noose around his neck was hung on the front of a mosque in Bekasi, stating, "This man deserves the death penalty." The man, Andreas Sanau (29), is one of two men accused of organizing mass baptisms. The accusations came after busloads of poor villagers arrived at a Christian relief agency on June 30 as part of an outreach program. However, baptism is not a part of the program.

Church services throughout the city have been repeatedly interrupted and Christians threatened. In June, the Bekasi Islamic Congress met and set up a "mission center" along with a youth army to oppose Christian efforts. There is also a push for sharia law in the region. (Sources: AsiaNews, Compass Direct)

Pray for protection for Christians in Bekasi. Pray that the threats against Andreas will not be acted upon. Pray that the authorities will protect the Christians against opposition from militant Islamic groups.

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