I’m being persecuted in my country. Can VOMC help me come to Canada?

The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship process is not an easy one. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, "making a refugee claim is not a free ticket into Canada. The refugee system isn't for those seeking a better economic life."

The Canadian refugee system is there specifically to, "provide protection to those who can prove that they would face persecution or threat to their life in their home country."

There is a limited number of approved organizations that are legally able to assess and sponsor individuals to come to Canada. VOM Canada is not an approved sponsor and cannot assist individuals in claiming asylum in or immigrating to Canada.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a good video explaining how people get into Canada.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, of which The Voice of the Martyrs Canada is a member, has some special resources to help churches interested in welcoming refugees. Please visit this page.


  • Seeking asylum in Canada is a more rigorous process than immigrating.
  • VOM Canada is not an approved sponsor and cannot help individuals immigrate to Canada.
  • We recommend the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada for more information on helping refugees.