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Arrested Christians
Pray that the case against the
Christians would be dropped.

In the early morning of March 9th, authorities ordered the destruction of a place of worship in the town of Chelur in Karnataka State. The action was taken after governing officials received pressure from Hindu militants in the area. Local Christians were able to capture the destruction on video. To view the footage, see this page.

Additionally, the pastor and a number of other church members were arrested for alleged document discrepancies. The pastor refutes these accusations, insisting that all building permits were in place. At last report, eleven Christians were placed in detention, and ongoing efforts are being made to secure bail for them.

Please prayerfully remember these Christian men, their families, as well as those attempting to provide them assistance. Pray that this matter will be resolved quickly and in a diplomatic manner so these earnest followers of Christ will be able to peacefully gather together for worship. May the 'One True God' minister His life-transforming love and truth to the militants opposing them, so they may too become recipients of His mercy, grace and eternal salvation.