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Photo from AsiaNews
On the morning of November 26, two Christian sites in the northern city of Mosul in Iraq were bombed. A group of approximately 10 gunmen entered the Church of Saint Ephrem, ordered those inside to leave and placed explosives around the premises. When the explosives detonated, the building was completely destroyed. Half an hour later, the attackers proceeded to the Mother House of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine and detonated more explosives. Although five believers were inside the building, no one was injured. Thousands of believers have fled Mosul and other areas of Iraq in recent months due to ongoing threats and persecution. According to a local church leader, "Things were gradually becoming normalized and many felt that security had improved. What has happened now has put a stop to the optimism." (Sources: AsiaNews, Aid to the Church in Need)

Thank the Lord that no one was injured in the bomb attacks. Pray that those who seek to do Christians harm in Mosul will come to know Jesus as their Saviour. Pray for safety and protection for Christians in Iraq.

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