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Father Mzen Ishoa
Father Mzen Ishoa
Photo from Compass Direct

Three relatives of Father Mzen Ishoa, a Syro-Catholic priest who was abducted and later released in 2007 (click here for more information), were shot and killed by unknown assailants on February 23. The gunmen forcibly entered the believers' home and opened fire on Aishwa Maroki (59) and his two sons, Mokhlas (31) and Bassim (25). Aishwa's wife and daughter were also in the home but were not harmed. (Sources: Middle East Concern, Catholic News Agency, AFP)

Pray that those in mourning will know that God is the defender of widows and a Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5). Pray that authorities will do all they can to improve security for all citizens of Mosul. Pray that the upcoming elections will lead to greater stability and a reduction of violence in Iraq.

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