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Photo from AsiaNews
At least 50 Iraqi Christian students are receiving hospital treatment following a bomb attack on May 2 outside the city of Mosul that killed at least one person and has forced nearly 1,000 students to drop classes for the rest of the semester. Nearly 160 people were injured in the blasts that targeted three buses full of Christians travelling to classes at the University of Mosul. The convoy of buses, which brings Christian students from villages east of Mosul to the university, was making its daily route accompanied by two army cars. A roadside bomb followed by a car bomb reportedly exploded in the area of Kokjaly as the buses were clearing a checkpoint staffed by U.S., Iraqi and Iraqi Kurdish soldiers. The owner of a nearby car repair shop, Radeef Hashim Mahrook, was killed in one of the blasts as he tried to help the students. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray for comfort for those mourning the loss of Radeef. Ask God to heal the bodies of the injured students. Pray that this experience will lead them to renew their commitment to Christ. Pray that attacks against the Christian community in Iraq will stop.

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