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On April 1st, it was reported by the Kurdish news agency, Rudaw, that a Muslim leader converted to Christianity. Confirming this news, an official in the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs of Iraqi Kurdistan announced that the Fatwa Committee in their ministry do not execute those who convert from Islam to any religion. The Iranian media covered this news report as well.

The news website, Bultannews, affiliated with the Iranian Intelligence services, reported that a daughter of another Muslim leader in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan) also converted to Christianity along with her husband. The following statement was included in the website article: "For some time now through the work of the missionaries in Iraqi Kurdistan, a number of people are changing their religion.... The government of Iraqi Kurdistan is not reacting to the activities of missionary organizations and, as a result, Christian converts have been able to hold four conferences in that area."

Young people in other Muslim countries are also showing interest in knowing and accepting Christ as their Saviour. Last year, another website, Jahan-News, reported that a child of an Iranian ambassador in a foreign country has converted to Christianity and is not willing to return to Iran. As it turns out, the attraction of Muslim youth to Christianity is becoming more evident.

While believers in other parts of Iraq are still subject to persecution (read more here), we can be thankful for the fact that God is clearly at work in this part of the world. May these new converts experience His protection and blessing as they become strong in their faith and bold in their witness. Pray that the Lord will continue to make great inroads among all the people groups of Iraq, including their youth who are earnestly searching for truth and answers to life's complexities.