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In April 2003, the Voice of the Martyrs released a story about "Nancy" (not her real name) who had fled to Canada from Iran when threats were made on her life when she converted to Christianity. In applying as a refugee, however, she failed to convince the immigration judge that she was truly a Christian. The judge ruled that Nancy did not understand "the most basic Christian concepts," even though the judge admitted to not understanding Protestant Christianity. Despite all evidence, including a warrant for her arrest in Iran, she was ordered deported to Iran. After seemingly exhausting all appeals, including two PPRAs (Pre-Removal Risk Assessments), Nancy prepared to go to the United States, if all permits could be obtained before being deported. (For more details, follow the links at https://www.vomcanada.com/iran.htm).

In a January 28 news release from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, it was announced that Nancy had filed a third PPRA while waiting for U.S. approval and was successful in gaining refugee status. This is the first time anyone has been successful at this level of appeals. Nancy still intends to go to the United States to work in Utah and Nevada as a missionary to Muslims. She has just received word that her U.S. visa as a religious worker has also been approved.

Praise God with us for this opportunity for Nancy to serve her Lord. Pray for her continued ministry, as she shares her love for Jesus Christ.