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Photo from Arad

Two Iranian house church leaders from Muslim backgrounds, Hamid and his wife Reyhaneh, were arrested on February 28. When officials arrived at their home in Isfahan, they arrested Reyhaneh. She was assaulted when she resisted them. Other believers present were threatened and one was assaulted for protesting the actions of the police. Hamid arrived home one hour later and was also arrested. The officials confiscated computers, telephones and books, including many Bibles.

On March 1, the couple's family members contacted authorities and were told that Hamid and Reyhaneh's case was to be referred to the Revolutionary Court once charges were finalized. They were also told not to make further inquiries. Hamid and Reyhaneh's whereabouts were unknown at last report. (Source: Middle East Concern)

Pray that Hamid and Reyhaneh will be released. Pray that their two teenage sons will know the presence and peace of Jesus in this time. Pray that believers in Iran will know the Spirit's guiding wisdom. Pray that Iranian officials will act justly, display mercy and respond positively to the message of Jesus.

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