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Praise God for the releases and pray for
those who remain imprisoned
Photo: Mohabat News

Two Christians arrested in a raid on a house church in Shiraz, Iran, in October have been released after posting bail amounting to about $25,000 USD each.

Roxana Forughi and Bijan Haghighi -- two of seven Christians who were arrested in the raid -- have been released while six more members of the house church remain imprisoned (for more, click here). Afshar Bahmani, one of two members of the house church arrested following the raid, was released after 24 hours due to her health.

There has been an alarming upsurge in the harassment and persecution of Christians in Iran, particularly converts. About 300 Christians have reportedly been arrested and imprisoned in the country since 2010.

Please pray that those who remain in prison will be bold witnesses for Christ. Pray that the Lord will bless and protect them and their families. Please pray that this intensified persecution in Iran would serve only to increase the numbers of believers day by day (Acts 5:14).

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