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Pastor Youcef Nardarkhani
Photo: Present Truth Ministries

Having served three years in prison, Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was released after posting bail in September of 2012, the result of a court appearance in which he was acquitted of a previous charge of apostasy although still considered guilty of evangelizing Muslims. However, the director of Lakan Prison in Rasht recently ordered his return to prison claiming that the release came about prematurely and without the proper completion of necessary paperwork.

The recent order was a huge disappointment for Pastor Youcef, his wife and their two sons, who were eagerly looking forward to spending Christmas together as a family after almost three years of separation. They have all been through a great deal of emotional turmoil throughout the duration of his imprisonment, especially considering that this time last year, he was facing execution for "apostasy."

Let us join together in prayer as members of God's family on behalf of our Christian brother who is known for his quiet courage, integrity and perseverance in the midst of severe persecution. While pleading his case before the Lord, please ask that Brother Youcef be released without further delay and that God's continued presence and protection be upon him and his family. In addition, remember to uphold his defending lawyer, Mohammed Ali Dadkhah, who was incarcerated in September 2012 for advocating this case and other human rights cases. May God not only minister strength, healing and freedom to Mohammed in his own time of need, but that he will also be honoured for representing justice and righteousness in the courts.