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One of the leaders of the forcibly closed Central Assemblies of God Church in Tehran has been recently released from prison after spending 43 days in custody. According to Mohabat News, Pastor Robert Asserian, who was arrested by security authorities in the middle of a worship service on May 21st, was released on July 2nd. (To review the report about his arrest, please click here.)

The country's newly elected president, Hassan Rouhani, has promised in his second statement that he will preserve the rights of religious and ethnic minorities and respond to their legitimate demands. According to a Mohabat News representative, his statement leads to some very important questions: "Does (Rouhani) count Muslims who have converted to Christianity as religious minorities and thus include them in his promises? What is his view on the recently closed Farsi-speaking churches, and what will he do to re-open them?" Time will tell, as events unfold, exactly what the new president's policy is concerning these issues of great concern. Thank you for your continued prayers on behalf of fellow believers in Iran.