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Vahid Hakkani
Photo: Mohabat News

Vahid Hakkani, a Christian convert imprisoned for his faith in Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz, Iran, is facing critical health concerns. Vahid was initially tried in October 2012, along with several other Christians. In October 2013, an appeals court upheld their sentences of three years and eight months in prison. (For more information on the arrest of these believers, click here.)

According to sources, Vahid's health is worsening every day. In addition to bleeding internally, he has lost a considerable amount of weight. Despite these serious health concerns, the judge initially would not allow Vahid to receive complete treatment in a hospital outside the prison because his final verdict had not yet been issued.

Eventually the judge agreed to grant him a two-month leave to undergo surgery. However, to receive care in the hospital, Vahid was forced to post a hefty bail. Additionally, the court official stated that his leave period will not count towards his prison sentence, and that extra time in jail will be required to make up for the duration of his stay in hospital.

Pray that God will bless Vahid during this difficult time, as well as sustain his friends and fellow believers who are caring for him. Ask the Lord to move in the hearts of the authorities, so they may look with favour on Vahid and provide him the care he so desperately needs. Pray that throughout this difficult trial, Vahid will entrust his life completely to his Heavenly Father.