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Photo: Mohabat News

A ministry organization working in Iran recently received an emergency prayer request from a mother whose 32-year-old son has been sentenced to death.

"Amir" has been in prison for the past two years after he was caught with a truckload of Bibles. On July 23rd, an execution date for Amir was set for the week of August 11th in punishment of his "crimes" against Islam and the government. Amir's devastated mother is urgently requesting prayers for the deliverance of her son.

Please pray for Amir and his terribly upset loved ones, asking God to miraculously deliver him from this death sentence. May the 'Prince of peace' surround each one of them with His tender loving mercies so that their hearts will be greatly comforted. Please also pray that the authorities involved in Amir's case will seek justice on his behalf and ensure that he is treated favourably. May they, along with the inmates incarcerated with Amir, come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Finally, please also remember in prayer the many other innocent Christian men and women in Iran who are presently suffering tremendous persecution for their faith.